PotO in 100 words or less.

I copied The Phantom of the Opera (courtesy of thecheshirekat.com) into MS Word and used the AutoSummarize tool, using the “100 words or less” option. This is what it came up with:

Christine replied.




thought Raoul, furiously. “Christine!”


Of Raoul? “Christine! “Christine!”


“Christine! Christine! Raoul said:

Enough!” cried Raoul. “I understand, Christine. “Erik! Erik! Raoul implored.

“Raoul! Raoul! Raoul!”


“Christine! “Christine! Christine!”

“Christine! Christine!…”

“Christine! “Christine! Christine!”

“Christine Daae’s.”

“Like Christine Daae.”

“Christine! Christine!”

“Christine, Christine, it is I, Raoul!”

Raoul! Raoul! Listen, Christine, darling! “Erik! Erik!” said Christine’s voice. Erik!”

Christine Daae’s voice said:

“Raoul! Raoul!” “Erik! “Erik! “Erik! Erik! “Christine!” cried M. de Chagny. “Christine! “Erik! Erik!”

“Christine! Christine!”

“Erik! Erik!” Erik!”

“Raoul de Chagny and Christine Daae?”

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