The Devil Wears Prada

The Devil Wears Prada: I read the book a little while ago but wasn’t all that impressed with it. The movie, however, was great. They changed a lot of the story, including the climax, but all for the better. Anne Hathaway was lovely and believable as girl-next-door-turned-couture-obsessed-model Andy Sachs, and of course Meryl Streep was deliciously cold as Miranda Priestly. This isn’t the sort of movie I’d want to watch over and over again, but it’s a funny flick for a Saturday night at home. Even my husband liked it, and he usually dismisses anything that smells even a vaguely like a chick flick. (Which this isn’t, even with a female main character and all its talk about fashion.) I know this is sacrilege in some circles, but I would definitely recommend the movie over the book.

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