Twilight: Whenever I read a book that has been made into a movie, regardless of how I felt about it, I immediately add the DVD to my Netflix queue. I like seeing other people’s takes on familiar characters, like seeing the same play with different casts. It’s a thing. However, it is rare that I see a movie so soon after finishing the book: in this case, about 24 hours.

This is not a good movie. It’s a decent adaptation, but definitely not something to watch cold. My only major adaptation complaint was the development of Bella and Edward’s relationship, which is more or less the core of the plot. In the book, it is very clear that they can’t stay away from each other. In the movie, Bella is minding her own business when Edward comes out of nowhere to say things like “I think it’d be better if we weren’t friends” or “You should stay away from me.” When suddenly she’s saying “don’t leave me” every third sentence, it feels kind of random.

My main complaint about the movie itself is the make-up. And as one who doesn’t even wear make-up herself, you know it’s got to be bad if I even notice it. In far too many scenes it is painfully obvious that the make-up artist forgot to apply anything to the ears and necks of the vampires. Even amateurs like me know it’s bad to have a distinct border along the jawline. Edward’s excessive amount of lipstick didn’t help matters either. (And I couldn’t help thinking of the Fug Girls’ comments on the poster, which were spot on.)

The acting wasn’t stellar either: Bella almost always looked pissed or bored, and Edward alternated between awkward and bland. (Having re-watched some of his Cedric Diggory scenes, I see the awkwardness is not new, though the blandness is. He could use lessons from Tatsuya Fujiwara on effective smoldering techniques.) But, to be fair, they didn’t exactly have the best source material to work from.

I did, however, appreciate the earlier introductions of Jacob Black and the evil vampires (sounds like a band name, now that I read it), and the inclusion of bits not in the book such as Bella’s comment to Edward that his mood swings are giving her whiplash, and Mike’s weird dance outside the diner. I spent a lot of time laughing at this film, at both the intentional and unintentional humor.

Since I plan on reading the rest of the books, I’ll most likely see the other movies as well. The trailers for the second one look promising; perhaps the change in directors will help. All in all, I agree with the critics: unless you’re a big fan of the Twilight universe, there is nothing worth watching here. But if you like Twilight, you’ll probably get a kick out of it.

(I don’t know why my Twilight reviews are so long. It kind of disturbs me.)

  1. I like your take on movie compared to book…I haven’t read them all, but my son has. He and I compared book to movie…movie, meh. But that’s usually the way it goes for me …books are always better!


  2. I read all the books in a few days before I saw the movie and I have to agree with you. I felt there was a lot of passion between Edward and Bella in the books and that in no way showed up in the movie. And about the make-up?? Really – didn’t someone on set notice that?? oh well

  3. I saw the movie by incident. My husband went to a concert with friends and I had nothing to do while crocheting – so I decided to watch the movie. Without having read the book. Normally I’m the one to have read the books.
    I still really don’t know what to think about the movie. It was kind of interesting (well – while crocheting) but I have to admit that it lacks some plot and that even my husband noticed this make up thing you mentioned.

  4. I agree the book and movie were 2 different things for sure and I found the make-up to be disturbing in that Bella was from warmer places and yet was so pale and the glittery vampire skin was seriously lacking in WOW factor! Give the boy some GLITTER!

  5. Twilight is the best movie i ever watched. I really love the vampire love story theme and i like Bella Swans character.

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