Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer

Conversations with the Fat Girl by Liza Palmer: Maggie and Olivia were the two fat girls in school, best friends that shared the bond of being misfits. Fast forward a few years: the girls are still (sort of) best friends, but Olivia had gastric bypass surgery and is now a size two and about to be married to a handsome and wealthy man, while Maggie is still the same size, single, and working at a coffee shop despite having a master’s degree. I remember being Maggie not that long ago: negatively self-absorbed, helplessly inarticulate around attractive men, and walked on by my so-called best friend. Though her inner monologue was very funny in places, she would have been a much less compelling character had I not recognized myself in so many of her flaws. This story says a lot about toxic relationships, family bonds, and inner beauty, but most importantly about self-confidence. I enjoyed watching Maggie’s journey, and I look forward to picking up Palmer’s other novels.

I would like to note that I read this while on the stationary bike at the gym. The title just screamed “gym read” to me. :)

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  1. This isn’t about the book but rather I popped over to your LJ site with 101 Things and wanted to tell you I love the way you document your progress. Your narrative is so fun and playful and it’s evident you seriously want to achieve your goals. [And I’m guessing you must read REALLY fast.] ~ Tammy

    • Actually, it’s less that I read fast than I spend a whole lot of time in my car. I absolutely fly through audiobooks.

      Thanks for reading! :D

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