Nostalgic Musings: Exercise 1

I finished my first exercise for Nostalgic Musings. I don’t intend to post every time I finish one of the assignments, but since this was my very first real attempt at art journaling, I decided I wanted to share my thoughts.

The spread itself was quite straightforward: most of the clipart was provided, and we also received suggestions for what to write. Since art journaling is so dependent on personal style and preference, I was not surprised that this exercise was specifically to learn how Hope Karney Wallace makes her own (totally gorgeous) journals. The later assignments are more open-ended and less step-by-step, easing the student into his or her own way of doing things.

I had to improvise a bit, as the journal I’m using is much smaller than Ms. Wallace’s. The pages themselves came out fairly well:

The woman in the middle is her own page on cardstock, affixed with masking tape. (I’d never thought of masking tape as anything but temporary, but I’ll trust Ms. Wallace on this one.) The text of the journal page is comprised entirely of techniques I’ve never used in my own regular diary: lists of goals/loves/etc. and inspirational quotes. As much as I enjoy making lists, it had never occurred to me to use them to describe my day.

I’m looking forward to seeing what I make throughout the rest of the course. I don’t see myself giving up my regular text diary and switching entirely over to art journaling, but I do believe it will make for a lovely supplement to my regular day-to-day chronology.

  1. Pretty! I am somewhat surprised about the masking tape too, as my experience has always been that the stickum dries out and the tape becomes brittle and peels off…

    Were the quotes direct suggestions from the course, or were you instructed more to look up inspirational quotes online?

    • No, the quotes were part of the instructions, and the clipart for the lady in the middle, the girl with the hat, the bee, and the “dream” letters were provided as well. I’m looking forward to the next exercise.

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