A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin

A Game of Thrones by George R.R. Martin (unabridged audiobook read by Roy Dotrice; 33.5 hrs on 28 discs): Eleventy-billion characters and the only truly interesting one is the dwarf. Sure, there were a few decently intertwined stories, but I really only paid attention when it was focused on Tyrion Lannister. His cynicism was refreshing amidst all the obsession over who gets to be king next. I liked this book far more than I’d expected, given that I tend not to favor political intrigue of any genre, but I don’t feel any particular desire to read more of the series.

A note on the audio: Dotrice’s voice is rather…um…moist. It was more noticeable with some voices than others, and at times I felt like I was listening to a grandfather with loose dentures. It didn’t help that I was listening to this book on headphones rather than in my car, where that sort of sound would probably be lost in the background. It wasn’t a problem most of the time, but it made certain words (like “breasts”) pretty jarring.

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  1. Cannot imagine following this story on audio book. Good for you. I had a hard enough time when I could flip back and refresh my memory. The character ca-splooie gets worse with each novel. I recommend quitting while you’re ahead.

  2. There is totally a lot of HBO sex. So much so that Ryan and I have coined the term doing it “Dothraki style.”

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