Breaking the Devil’s Heart by H.A. Goodman

Breaking The Devil’s Heart by H.A. Goodman: When you die, the very good people become angels and the very bad people become demons, but if you’re just mostly good you may be given the option of becoming an Observer. Contrary to their title, Observers are more like hands-on angels in the battle between good and evil. Stewart and Layla are two such Observers, on a mission to discover the secret behind the Formula, some sort of evil-making product demons peddle to conflicted humans. After touring parts of both heaven and hell and receiving rather puzzling answers to their queries, Stewart and Layla come upon what may be the answer they seek. And you know, I really enjoyed the story up to this point (save the intensely gooey relationship between Stewart and Layla, which often left me gagging). I love heaven versus hell stories in general, I like the concept of Observers, and the role of Time/Fate was intriguing as well. But then there was this strange twist ending. I really did not understand what happened. I’m willing to accept that maybe I just missed something obvious, because the lead-up was pretty good. Either way, I’ll be curious to see what else Goodman cooks up for this universe. It certainly has a lot of potential.

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