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Ready, Set, Let’s Fiesta!

That’s right, kiddos, it’s Bloggiesta! Most of the mini-challenges don’t really apply to me this time around, so instead I’ve made a list of tasks I’d like to tackle this weekend. I don’t expect to get all of them done, but it’s nice to have ideas. I have a number of sites and pretty much all of them need attending in some fashion or another.

This here blog

  • design a blog logo
  • link to 2010 reading list on hobbies page
  • make list of popular blog posts (blogging tips, book review guidelines, etc.)
  • reply to recent comments
  • posts to write
    • book organization
    • death from the skies review
    • graveyard book review
    • waterford
    • q-bert pyramid
    • swag
    • abandoned building
    • katoctin church
    • childhood toys
    • my bookcrossing history
    • bookcrossing con ads
    • repainted toys
    • art-i-fax journal

Sine Fine Films

  • color scheme
  • fun & games
  • hulde youtube
  • update magic inc cast list
  • fix stranger link


  • Chancellorsville post
  • Markeroni post

And no, I don’t expect most people to understand what all of these tasks actually mean. Don’t worry, I’m on top of that. :) I have no idea how much of this I’ll actually achieve, but I’ll check back in again on Sunday. Happy blogging!

Site updates

A few assorted bits of randomonium:

  • I got my 100th wild catch not too long ago. That made me happy. :)
  • As you may have noticed, I’m participating in Mission 101, AKA the Day Zero Project. The basic idea is to pick 101 goals to be completed over the course of 1001 days, which is not quite three years. I’m blogging that separately, so I went ahead and included a link in the sidebar.  I’ll cross-post here from time to time if it’s interesting, but most of my updates will be exclusively over there.
  • I added the ability to subscribe to this blog via email to the sidebar.
  • Writing: I wrote another Squidoo lens, and a script I wrote was filmed. (Actually, you should just visit the Sine Fine Films homepage because a lot’s been added there recently.)
  • I’ve been trying to include more non-review posts on this blog, but if you have any suggestions for topics I’d love to hear ’em.
  • My answering machine has been sadly quiet lately.
  • Coming up: I’ll be at Baltimore Comic Con, Intervention in Bethesda, MD, and Anime USA in Arlington, VA, over the next few months. Visit the BS/OD table in the artists alley and say hi.

Site Updates

I’ve been doing things to my site! No, really! And because I love lists, you get one:

  • Automatically updated alphabetical (by title) lists of the books and movies I’ve reviewed on this blog.
  • A handy-dandy contact form to the About page. Bracing myself for the influx of spam.
  • I joined Book Blogs, which I’ve discovered is pretty much the biggest book blogger group out there. And since I’ve finally accepted the fact that I am indeed a book blogger, I’ve decided to embrace it.
  • I signed up on Squidoo. Check out my lenses (articles) about Markeroni and Sine Fine Films.
  • I’m also now on Formspring. Ask me questions.

Titles and Tags

When I was back at Blogspot, none of my posts had titles. There wasn’t even a textbox to enter one – I assume I’d unknowingly disabled it. When I moved over here to WordPress, I imported all my old blog entries, all of which were then posted with blank titles. Makes it a little difficult to search for entries.

So I added titles. And tags. To every single post. Even the stupid ones about articles that almost certainly don’t exist anymore.

You’re welcome.

Hobbies ahoy!

I can never turn down an opportunity to write lists, so I’ve added a more fleshed-out hobbies page, complete with a list of my wild catches from BookCrossing.

I’ve also added a couple more sites to the Writing Prompts Websites list, but I won’t make a separate post every time I do that.

In sadder news, my softshell turtle Matey died yesterday, so I’ve updated the about section accordingly.  I’ll miss that ugly little turtle.

Writing Prompts Websites

Since Geocities is closing, I’m moving what little I still had over there to here. Today I added the Writing Prompt Websites list. Hope you find it useful.

I think I’m done now…

I’m pretty sure I’m done making major changes to this here webpage. Next up I need to move everything over from my old Blogger blog so all the traffic comes here. Should be interesting.

and we’re back

Oh hey look, I have a blog. Maybe I should, y’know, post or something.

Bizarre factoid of the day: the Civil War ended 143 years ago, but apparently the last Civil War widow died only four years ago.

feed barf watch

To the readers of the feed: I’m going to be entering in some backdated entries in a little while. I have no idea if they’ll show up in the feed, but they might. And they’re long. Just sayin’.

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