Good old whitewashed Hollywood

I’m currently reading The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck. As with most books I read that have been translated to the big screen, I put the movie on my Netflix queue. However, having seen the trailer, I’m a little worried that the film will be unintentionally amusing. After all, the main characters, all of whom are Chinese, are played by a Ukrainian, a German, an Austrian, and a couple of guys from Ohio. Yes, yes, I know that the main characters were always played by white people no matter what, but looking at it from a modern standpoint is…well, just look at the makeup!

Anyway. I’m enjoying the book now that it’s starting to pick up (the first half dozen chapters or so were pretty slow); as the movie claims to “be” the book, perhaps it’ll be good enough that I’ll forget the painfully non-Asian actors in cast of all-Asian characters. We’ll see.

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