Basic Drawing #4

Originally posted 22 July 2009.

We continued the black paper work last night. First we used chalk and white charcoal pencil to draw a picture from a magazine. (We were supposed to finish the watches we started last week, but the teacher left that picture set at home.) A couple people drew more watches, but most of us drew shoes. I probably should have, but instead I got ambitious and grabbed a photo of a piece of jewelry with some sort of faceted bauble on the end. I think I bit off more than I can chew. My husband assured me that he could totally tell what it was, but I’m still convinced it more closely resembles a pineapple sans leaves.

chalk and white charcoal on black paper

That took most of the class, but in the last half hour or so we took our white Conte crayons out for a test drive to draw a lamp and a couple of roundish vases. Mine came out reasonably well despite the rush, perhaps because I moved back to the easel instead of having the sketchpad in my lap. Normally I’m fine with a sketchpad on a table in front of me, but the setup here is kind of unusual: there are rolly-carts, drawing boards, easels, stools, and folding chairs available. Most of my classmates balance their drawing boards between their rolly-carts and their laps, but I find my cart gets away from me too easily when I do that. That’s why I was using an easel in the first place. So when I wanted a different setup, I balanced the board with one end on the easel and the other in my lap. Whether I sat on the stool or the folding chair, my back started getting very stiff and sore. So I guess I’ll stick with an easel for the duration of this class. I just hope I don’t get dependent on it; I have absolutely nowhere to put one in my house.

white Conte crayon on black paper

Note: this is part of the Basic Drawing Series.

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