When I was a kid, I anthropomorphized everything. Seriously: I even attributed personalities to the cards on computer solitaire. These days, inanimate objects tend to take on my current mood. For example, drawing boxes bores me to tears:

And drawing round objects in perspective frustrates me to no end:

I wasn’t really going anywhere with this. Just wanted to share. Do you anthropomorphize inanimate objects in your life?

  1. every day all the time.

  2. I say bye to my house every morning and pat my washer and dryer when I start them up. I am not sure, though, how much of this counts as anthropomorphizing and how much is just talking to myself in the guise of talking to everything else.

  3. I have a sheet of stickers that has eyes and mouths and noses on it. I occasionally make faces on pieces of lab equipment. Things I like get happy faces and things I don’t like get frowny faces.

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