St. John’s Episcopal, Centreville

Hyperlocal Tourism: These drawings are part of my ongoing attempts to fall in love with Centreville, Virginia, where I’ve lived for more than a decade. I’m hoping that by getting up close and personal, I will develop an affection for the place.

St. John’s Episcopal Church in Centreville was built before the Civil War. It’s very small but pretty inside, and some interesting people are buried in its yard.

Green Spring Gardens

I was at a sketch outing at Green Spring Gardens in Alexandria, VA. Honestly, it was hot and muggy and buggy and I did not enjoy myself and I am not happy with anything I drew while I was there. This was the best of the lot.

Capitol Dome

Drawn while waiting for my other drawing friends to show up.

Chesapeake Lightship

I visited the Chesapeake Lightship in Baltimore as part of the 2017 Maryland Lighthouse Challenge.

Manassas/Bull Run

It was hot when I went to Manassas Battlefield Park (which we Yankees like to refer to as Bull Run). I drew the Stone House from the car, and Brawner Farm from a photograph I took.

Berkeley Springs, WV

Back in November, I visited Berkeley Springs, West Virginia for a spa weekend. My appointment wasn’t until the afternoon (unlike everybody else in my party), so I had a lot of time to kill wandering the tiny town. For part of it, I hung out at Lighthouse Latte and drew the building across the road.

Georges Lemmen

Georges Lemmen is one of those painters I discovered by clicking Wikipedia links from painters I’d heard of.

Gustave Courbet

Gustave Courbet was a brilliant painter but wow, some of his paintings are NSFW.

Wickliffe Church

I took advantage of the gorgeous weather on Mothers Day to visit a mostly inactive church in Berryville: Wickliffe Church.

Pilot Metropolitan

My friend Angela gave me a Pilot Metropolitan fountain pen. And I love it, even if I cannot get within three feet of it without getting ink all over myself. One night I decided to play with it for a while by drawing assorting pictures of my cat, Hook.

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