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Artomatic 2016

DC Drink & Draw held a meetup at Artomatic 2016 in Potomac, Maryland. I drew the really cool installation I happened to be facing, and as luck would have it, the artist of said installation happened to be sitting at our table: Greg Benge! So I had him sign my art of his art. :)

Sketchbook Peek: Happy Creek

The day before Memorial Day I was supposed to go on a sketchcrawl at the National Zoo. However, I’d underestimated the traffic-snarling power of Rolling Thunder. When it took me two hours just to get to Arlington, I decided to stay west of the Potomac and wandered aimlessly down I-66 until I stopped randomly in The Plains. After grabbing lunch at the farmer’s market, I stopped in Happy Creek Coffee and Tea and tried their nitro cold brew coffee. Quite tasty, even if I did have a little bit of trouble with the proportions of my glass.

(And yes, I know it says Honey Creek. I fixed it after scanning.)

Because the cafe shares its space with Haymarket Bicycles, there was a gorgeous chandelier made of bicycle parts and coffee paraphernalia. It was quite fun to draw.

So even though I missed the sketchcrawl, I’m glad I still took the time to do a little sketching on my own.

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